Sunday, July 17, 2011

info at a glance data services (Internet) in Indonesia

Indonesia paling bergantung pada Internet bergerak

Operator Gencarkan Layanan Data

Sejumlah operator telekomunikasi di Indonesia terus membidik peningkatan pendapatan dari bisnis layanan data (internet)

Pengguna Internet di Indonesia pada tahun ini diperkirakan mampu mencapai angka 50 juta orang, dengan akses internet yang ditargetkan mampu menjangkau seluruh wilayah Tanah Air hingga akhir tahun ini sesuai program pemerintah.

Indonesia's most rely on the Internet on the move

Operators Boost Data Services

A number of telecommunications operators in Indonesia continue to target an increase in revenue from business data services (internet)

Internet users in Indonesia this year expected to reach 50 million people, with targeted internet access can reach all areas of the country until the end of this year, according to government programs.

The condition is also supported by the target of broadband penetration reached 30% in 2014 showed a high chance of providing business data services, compared with voice and SMS services are relatively stagnant, even declining.

Indosat Corporate Communication Djarot Handoko said the company currently also continue to encourage an increase in the cellular business segment that provides data services, although other business segments also remain encouraged its growth.

According to him, it is shown by the existence of two new brands that have launched some time ago that Indosat and Indosat Mobile Internet, by offering service packages to meet specific customer needs.

Voice and SMS services for XL to 2010 in terms of revenue is still growing despite the relatively small, amounting to 20% for voice and 29% for SMS.

The condition is very much different when compared with an increase in revenue XL for data services jumped by 85% in the last 2 years.

Growth in voice services and SMS is currently relatively small, but still no equivalent to the growing number of customers. The attractiveness of voice and SMS services have also fallen. Utilization of broadband via mobile is very remarkable.

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